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All entrepreneurs want to know the secret to success. James Wedmore, a seven-figure online entrepreneur, believes success is created by mindset over strategy, magic over metrics, and attitude over action. In this podcast, James untangles the common misconception that hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful.
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Aug 29, 2016

In this episode, James is joined by a special guest, Rick Mulready, to discuss how to overcome the mindset hurdles that all entrepreneurs face.

Rick shares that he himself, despite the success he has achieved, is still working on figuring out entrepreneurship. He says that mindset is the foundation, and it drives success in both business and life.

He used to have a scarcity and fear-based mindset of not know how to do what he wanted to do with his own business. Rick also wasn’t even sure if he could do what he wanted to do, and he says he “floundered” for 14 months. At one point, he even thought he might have to go back to the corporate world.

His mindset is now a lot different than it use to be, and he’s proved that he can help others in their businesses while also supporting his own family.

Along the journey, you’re always going to have setbacks and you’re going to hit plateaus. Your mindset will help you think in different ways and allow you to know you can get through the hard times.

James adds that you may need to rebuild your mindset to get to the next level you’re aiming for.

Rick’s three mindset hacks:

1) Success is actually in the process of getting to the end goal

Rick believes what’s important is what you learn along the way, although he admits that he use to get caught up in the end goal and would get upset if he didn’t hit it.

Focusing on the process, instead of the end goal, allows for more fun along the way and also helps you to realize that you’re choosing the things you want to do.

We hear that it’s the struggle that makes it all worthwhile when we reach our goal, but it really comes down to being grateful for achieving success with ease.

James says to look for the path of least resistance, or the one that offers ease and flow. Abraham-Hicks’ definition of success is how much just you can have in a day, and if you want to increase your revenue, you should work less and play more.

2) Watch your “but”

When we think of an idea, there’s often a “but” that comes up. Rick shares that the first idea you had before this is the real winner, and when you permit your doubts to become the story and gain momentum is when you get into trouble.

James notes that people will look to justify why they shouldn’t do something, but a lot of the things we’re creating nee to be crazy, not logical. He recommends replacing “but” with “and.” When you’re using “but,” you’re literally cancelling out the thing that you want.

3) Just do it and stop the worrying

The only control we have is over what we can do now, in this moment. You can’t worry about a future that hasn’t happened yet. James says that during launches is a common time for entrepreneurs to worry as they often attach their own identity to the results.

Remember, the goal set is only used to determine the process that you are going to use. Determine how you can change the meaning, or the goal, so you’re not worrying, because when you’re worrying, you can’t be empowered to take the proper actions.

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“Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch




Aug 25, 2016

As an entrepreneur, there are many considerations to make when looking to expand your business, as well as major mindset shifts that need to occur. In this “Listener Question of the Week” episode, James and Phoebe discuss how you can do this to lift your business to that next level!

For James, this shift happened when he made the distinction between what an assistant is, and what a manager is. An assistant will help by taking tasks off of your list, but using them will create a new task in that they will have to be managed.

When we can attract, promote or hire someone to do the manager role, this person will take on the responsibility for a specific, measurable result.

Phoebe notes that you can still build a 6-figure business by keeping it simple, with one or a few virtual assistants.

James adds that you can’t outsource the role of growth driver in your business, and that will always be you.

Eventually, you could hire managers for different departments, like for customer service or paid ads. That next growth spurt comes when you’re willing to invest back into building out the right team.

Remember, you get to build your business any way you choose, and it’s possible to stay flexible and location independent with a team.

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Episode 037: How to Develop a CEO Mindset





Aug 22, 2016

In this episode, James and Phoebe present five actionable tips for overcoming overwhelm in your life and business!

When you say that you don’t have the time, you’re living into that story and creating this reality. James notes that this isn’t really true and that we all have time in the day for the things that are important to us.

Overwhelm is something that we declare; a choice that we make about an interpretation of what our life is like in this moment.

He adds that we are completely useless when in a state of overwhelm, and not able to function when feeling powerless.

Five steps to overcoming overwhelm:

1. Acknowledge that is a choice

You have chosen to feel overwhelmed, and it isn’t something that just happened. Still, it’s not something to beat yourself up over.

2. Look at the time constraints

Is there room for change, and can you extend the deadline? Remember that the work you have to do will expand to fill the time you give yourself for it.

3. Review your “to-do” list

By doing this, you might see that someone else can do one or more of the tasks, which will help ease the feeling of being overwhelmed.

4. Recommit to the result, solution or outcome that you’re up to creating

To do this, go back to your “Why” and try to understand what ultimately got you feeling overwhelmed. Declare what you’re creating, which will lead you to the final step.

5. Figure out what your next action is

What is the one thing that can pull you out of this?

Remember, it’s your life and your business. You get to choose where you spend your time and your energy! Overwhelm will happen to everyone, but it’s important to get out of it as soon as possible by taking powerful actions.

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Episode 028: Master Your Relationship with Time

Episode 030: How to Stop Time

Episode 032: How to Get Your Time Back

Episode 034: How Leveraged Thinking Can Save You Time

“The One Thing” by Gary Keller






Aug 15, 2016

In today’s episode, Kimra Luna discusses her habits and mindset for success, while talking about how she uses inspiration and intuition to drive her business.

She says she didn’t realize how fast her business was going to grow, and originally thought it would take a few years to make 6-figures. Kimra shares that her first website was far from perfect, and she did it herself for about $100.

Perfectionism is the biggest mistake that she sees entrepreneurs making today. They often think everything has to be just right before releasing a course or product. Kimra created her first course in a weekend.

She was hesitant at first when starting her business, partly because of the way she looks.

“I’m the chick with piercings in the middle of her face and tattoos all over her. That wasn’t what I was seeing (in the industry).”

To let go of this, she just went back to why she was in business, which was to help people. She adds that not thinking about the money aspect made it easy for her to do what she does.

“I think sometimes you just need to take that little jump and get in front of people. They will respond based on what you give.”

The people who spend the money on their own personal development are the ones who get the best results.

Kimra created her signature program after being in business for only three months. The price was $1,200 when she first launched it, and it is now more than double that amount to purchase it.

Developing her own mindset, specifically when it comes to not complaining and changing her own thoughts, has been key. Learning to be grateful has helped her heal her life as well.

“Learn to appreciate the things around you; even if it’s just the breath you have.”

Kimra and her husband were on welfare for a number of years, but were able to manifest things such as a job for him, and a vehicle, by doing this practice daily for months.

She had been running Facebook groups for mothers when she decided to start a blog, which focused on things she was passionate about such as health and wellness. Kimra’s YouTube channel grew to 25,000 subscribers, and she developed a following on Pinterest.

Seeing her success on Pinterest, a mentor asked Kimra to teach his audience how to use it, which lead to webinars and he getting paid for one-on-one consulting. Doing this, she started to notice issues with her clients’ entire brands.

“I ended up becoming about branding. People paid me for the knowledge I had in my head.”

Kimra feels that people need to reach out to others more often. Her first launch generated $65,000 in revenue, and after that she reached out to James to thank him for how much his content had helped her.

“We forget to reach out and connect to the people that are inspiring us”

She believes that sometimes things happen that are supposed to in order for us to move forward in our journey.

James adds that amazing things can happen when the feedback loop is completed.

Kimra appeared on 60 podcasts in her first year of business, but was also declined often by hosts.

“You can’t get a yes if you never ask”

She only does something if it is going to feel good, and a lot of times we have to know what we don’t want to discover what we do want. When she first started, Kimra did webinars almost every week because she liked doing them and wanted to master the craft.

Kimra uses crystals as a way to help her stay grounded and connected with the Earth, and she’s also a reiki master. Over the years, she’s developed an awareness in things that she wishes she could infuse in other people.

She believes people should explore things like manifesting, crystals and energy as a way to make them happier, not just from a monetary standpoint.

“I utilize The Law of Attraction, spirituality and my intuition to guide me every day”

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Episode 036: Gain Clarity by Asking the Right Questions

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy

“You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay

Aug 8, 2016

In this episode, James and Phoebe share the essential ingredients for manifesting anything that you want into your life.

James feels it’s important to intentionally create your reality and the things that you want, as opposed to being a victim of life.

He and his team are in the middle of the first of two big launches for the year. Naturally, launches can be hectic and crazy times for entrepreneurs, but this one has been the most effortless they’ve ever done. However, as creators, it does take a lot to make content.

“It’s a constant daily test of physical energy; do I have it in me to create this?”

He comes back to a place where he reminds and trusts himself that everything is going to get done.

“Overwhelm comes in when time becomes an issue”

When you’re stuck in a state of overwhelm, you can’t create effectively.

Their most recent program teaches course creators and online influencers how to have a more strategic approach to their business so they’re not stuck in overwhelm and confusion. This enables one to get the results he or she desires, and James adds that he felt better offering this course than any other one that he’s ever done.

As an entrepreneur, we should be getting right to the core of what we want to be helping people with.

“Sometimes we kind of skirt around what we’re really meant to do and what we really want to do”

Phoebe believes that there is a fine line in knowing when it’s time to do it and actually just getting it done.

James defines manifesting as physical evidence of an existing vibration. We can actually “tune” our energy or vibration to different frequencies.

“Our emotions are simply the GPS or the dial that tells us where we’re vibrating at”

In order to manifest intentionally, we have to know two things: what do we want to manifest and how to we think we’ll feel when we have the thing we want?

3 essential ingredients to manifesting what you want

1) Expectation

Expectation is the concept of trusting, or acting “as if” the thing has already happened. People often put fear or uncertainty into the process, but if you tune your vibration into “success is inevitable,” your success will lead to more success.

“My results have skyrocketed over the years, and this is what I directly attribute it to”

Ask yourself “Do I truly believe this will happen?” If your belief is too low, soften it by asking for something smaller, or extending the deadline to achieve it. As a second part to this question, ask yourself if you are deserving of it.

“You are deserving; you are put here on this planet to have whatever you want.”

Expectation is about living life as if “the ball is already in the cup.” This golf analogy implies that you have a knowing that everything will work out for you.

2) Detachment

Detachment is not letting the outcome affect you one way or another. How you see yourself, or who you are as a person, isn’t altered. Try detaching yourself from how it’s suppose to look or happen.

“What you want can come in, and probably will, from the most unlikely of places”

3) Action

Action is meant to be inspired and prioritized, not necessarily “massive.” You should be focusing on that one thing that will push you and your business further.

You still have to be willing to take that action, which will lead to the advice, lesson, motivation or inspiration that you need.

“Manifesting comes into play when you’re doing the things that you never thought were possible”

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Episode 006: The 7 Steps To A Perfect Product Launch

Episode 017: The Margin for Magic with Kate Northrup

“The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller

Aug 4, 2016

In this “Listener Question of the Week” episode, James and Phoebe explore ways you can manage your energy, and why it’s so important to do this!

Everyone, at some level, is asking how to manage his or her energy. “Energy Vampires” can often throw off your whole day, or perhaps your whole week.

James explains that social media has made it easier for people to find you in multiple ways.

“In a world of instant gratification, we want to be served immediately”

Introverts and extroverts are very different in the way that they get their energy. Phoebe is an extrovert, and when she moved to her new hometown of San Francisco, she joined a soccer team and hosted social events to help her feel at home. James is an introvert; this doesn’t mean he is shy, but his focus is not on getting his energy from other people.

“Extroverts have a lot of friends, introverts have a lot of ideas”

There are a few powerful energetic exercises that he does to protect himself from other people’s energy. In the “cord-cutting exercise”, he closes his eyes while visualizing the person and a cord attaching himself to him or her. He physically moves his arm, while making a noise, to “cut” the cord. In another exercise, he imagines himself in a protective gold egg, or sphere, which deflects anything coming to him.

“You have to protect your energy”

3 things we can do to effectively manage our energy

1) Create a commitment with boundaries

When James coaches a person one-on-one, he sets the boundaries first and is clear that he isn’t doing the graphics, webinars or similar tasks for the person.

“You are robbing them of the experience of them getting to discover what it really takes to do it themselves. It really is all them.”

2) Find those people who do light you up

These people should be coachable, big action takers and full of gratitude and acknowledgment. They will provide you with the motivation to keep going.

“When they do the work, you realize you had an impact in someone else’s life”

If you don’t have a feedback mechanism in place, you don’t have an essential element of any offer.

3) Do something to recharge your energy

Creators naturally put out a lot of energy with their content, systems and strategies. You should celebrate your accomplishments, and take a few days off. James tries to stay under 36 hours of work in any week.

“It’s not about working longer. This is why the whole hustle thing is B.S.”

Morning routines are absolutely critical for your personal energy. If you don’t have the time for a morning routine, that’s why you need one.

Some examples of activities that could recharge your energy are napping, reading books, listening to podcasts or going to the beach. Everyone is different, and the important thing is that you find out what inspires you.

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Episode 020: Know Thyself, Know Thy Business

Episode 021: Know Thyself (Part 2)

Aug 1, 2016

In today’s episode, Phoebe shares what she learned at a recent event, including all the breakthroughs and key takeaways that showed her it is possible to create your own reality.

She says it was literally a last minute decision that she made to attend an Abraham-Hicks live event. James notes that part of his morning routine is to listen to Abraham-Hicks’ content on YouTube.

“For me, they are responsible for where I am in my life”

His sister and mother gave him one of their books, but it took him awhile to be in the place to read and accept what was being said.

“I played the sceptic; I played the scientist. I tried to look for holes in their arguments.”

There are few simple premises for the teachings of Abraham-Hicks: follow your bliss and use the path of least resistance. They also say that you need to change your own vibrations first.

The first thing that Phoebe heard at the event was “you didn’t come to face reality; you came to create reality.”

For her, everything has been coming together over the past few weeks.

“I feel like I am on a high at the moment”

Phoebe’s 5 key takeaways from the event are:

1) Struggle and contrast are not imperative for receiving or clarity

A struggle isn’t needed to have a beautiful life. Be open to receiving ideas and having a prosperous mindset.

James adds that the word “struggle” has been made synonymous with “hustle.” You create a goal, and subconsciously believe that you’re not worthy of achieving that goal without extreme sacrifice.

2) Understand, but you don’t need to prove or explain

It doesn’t matter if people aren’t in agreement with your spiritual journey or are on a different one than you are. Other people’s journeys are their own.

“Understanding has to come from within you, as opposed to forcing it on other people”

James says that by creating your own platform, such as a podcast or webinar, you will actually attract the people that are ready.

3) The Universe will gift you things when, and in the way, you’re ready to receive them

Phoebe now has the faith and confidence that she’ll get what she needs from The Universe. James shares that it took him three years to be ready to receive the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

4) Don’t try to accomplish your vortex, let your vortex accomplish

She learned that you need to send out all of your hopes, dreams and wishes, and then detach from the outcome. Focus on that feeling, essence, or desire, as opposed to the concrete items that will get you to where you are going.

5) Resistance slows momentum

James says that the single most effective word to get The Law of Attraction to work effectively is “momentum.” If you set the intention to do something and do it, you’ll gain momentum.

Phoebe left the event knowing that she could create anything in life that she wants!

“Keeping that momentum going forward is really important in my life”

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“Ask and It Is Given” by Abraham-Hicks

Abraham-Hicks YouTube Channel