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All entrepreneurs want to know the secret to success. James Wedmore, a seven-figure online entrepreneur, believes success is created by mindset over strategy, magic over metrics, and attitude over action. In this podcast, James untangles the common misconception that hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful.
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Jul 18, 2016

Do shortcuts to success really exist? In this episode, James and Phoebe give their thoughts on shortcuts, and on what’s really holding us back in our lives and businesses!

James believes that we all secretly want shortcuts, although the logical part of our brain has convinced us that they don’t exist. He says there are shortcuts to success, but not in the way you may be thinking they look like.

A lot of people will sabotage themselves and let fear control their decisions. We don’t spend enough time doing the 5% of things that account for 95% of the results in our businesses.

Are we just doing things to keep busy? He calls this the “Hustle Denial” mindset.

Successful people seem to have an extra “something”, such as a desire or feeling of being unstoppable, that they often don’t talk about.

There are big action items that are never going to be easy and will always feel scary, but by doing them, you do get the chance to do what you want, sooner.

There is a Zen saying that states, “Leap and the net will appear.”

“You’ve got to strengthen that muscle of feeling the fear, and doing it anyway”

People can literally outsmart themselves by using logic to determine why something won’t work.

“I can give you reasons that sound logical and make so much sense, but it’s all based on being reasonable and playing small”

Try writing down a list of the things you are procrastinating on and know that you need to do. Identify the results that you want and role-play with it. How would a successful business do this?

“Life is lived just outside that zone of uncertainty; that’s what’s fun.”

Many people often want to take the longer route to success, just to prove to the world the sacrifices they had to make to get there. They tend to make excuses (such as having no list, no testimonials, etc.), which is really just fear stopping the action that they need to do.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

“That’s the irony; the shortcut is to go from where you are, to where you want to be.”

James believes that if there is something that you really want, it is a true possibility for it to happen, but you need to get out of your own way to have it become a reality.

“We all have the courage, it’s there. Maybe you just haven’t used it in awhile”

Phoebe notes that sharing your intentions with people that you know and trust is an important piece to holding yourself accountable.

You need to ask yourself what it looks like to be fearless and unstoppable. What got you here won’t get you there!

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