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All entrepreneurs want to know the secret to success. James Wedmore, a seven-figure online entrepreneur, believes success is created by mindset over strategy, magic over metrics, and attitude over action. In this podcast, James untangles the common misconception that hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful.
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Mar 27, 2017

Today, James’ wife Chelsea visits The Mind Your Business Podcast to share her thoughts on what it really takes to create a winning team. To be a successful entrepreneur mindset is important, but having the right people on board is absolutely critical for your success. Here’s how they did it!

Both James and Chelsea are very passionate about the topic of team building, and her involvement in the company has been instrumental in the growth and day-to-day management of the business.

Part of Chelsea’s role in the business is to improve the efficiency of all of the processes. Before this experience she had never been an entrepreneur, but a big part of all of her previous careers was to structure and organize.

The first thing she did in the business was to redecorate the office, which created a space that fostered ideas and motivated people.

A typical day in the office is a dynamic experience for everyone on the team. Chelsea notices that people want structure, but they also want to have freedom within that structure to execute what works best for them.

A lot of time is spent brainstorming as a team, and considerable effort has been made to have all the team members feel as though their voices and opinions are heard and valued. When she asks them what they like about working there, Chelsea usually hears that they’re happy because they are encouraged to find their own strengths, and to move in that direction.

When hiring, every applicant is looked at through the lens of how he or she will fit into the company culture. However, James and Chelsea note that they are 100% responsible for ensuring their employees are in an environment in which they can grow.

Phoebe wants to emulate the model that James and Chelsea have created when she builds out her own team.

Chelsea is a big believer of hiring locally, when possible, over virtual. She has seen the excitement generated during launches when everyone is together in person, and her first hire Jilly showed her what is possible in terms of how much work can get done in a day with in-office personnel.

There’s a tempo in the office when rhythms align, and when everyone is together the processes reveal themselves a lot more readily as well. This allows you to refine processes in real time, as things happen, and to make corrections.

Chelsea looks at the team as a family, which is why they are really deliberate and specific about whom they are hiring.

When hiring for their second role after Jilly, they brought Rose as a customer support representative. Rose was hired for her special skills and personality type, and she quickly progressed to running the customer service team. She has created systems and processes that has made things easier for Chelsea and have also enhanced the entire operational capacity for the rest of the business.

Steven was also brought on initially to run James’ Facebook ads and is a terrific team player and support for the team, as well as being Chelsea’s “biggest cheerleader!”

Deena was originally hired as Chelsea’s personal assistant and quickly become her “clone.” She has proven herself able to step in and complete any task asked of her. She’s valued as a person, and team member, and even had a significant role in planning Chelsea and James’ recent wedding.

Jilly’s husband Josh joined the team and effectively handled all tasks assigned to him, becoming invaluable in the process. He now runs all of the live events and is moving into more of a production manager role.

Jasmine has an impressive social media following and strategy and was hired to handle duties associated with the social media accounts, and Megan is a new customer service representative that believes so strongly in integrity that she even has the word tattooed on her arm! Both bring individual strengths but they also jive with the rest of the team dynamic very well.

James notes that a team is something you grow into, and you don’t need to start out with multiple people working with you. He realizes though that having the team in place allows them to raise the caliber of what they’re doing, and to do more of it.

Phoebe says that recognizing a new hire’s strengths is important, but it’s also key to understand what his or her true passions are. When she came onboard James realized that Phoebe was an entrepreneur, but a project-based role was created to allowed her to contribute significantly to the team while also having the flexibility to pursue the passions for her own business.

Although there are many horror stories around hiring employees and contractors, the team that James and Chelsea has built shows that it is possible to get the right people in place and have the entire process be light, fun and easy!

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