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All entrepreneurs want to know the secret to success. James Wedmore, a seven-figure online entrepreneur, believes success is created by mindset over strategy, magic over metrics, and attitude over action. In this podcast, James untangles the common misconception that hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful.
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Apr 10, 2017

In this episode, James and Phoebe are going to show you the first steps to working less, and making more. Is this really possible? You’re going to find out today!

James feels there’s something plaguing the industry today, and not only are people burning out, but they are completely overwhelmed. This is due to them having more on their to-do list than allows for the allotted time.

Ironically, we’ve given ourselves self-imposed deadlines, which is actually causing our own overwhelm. The key is being able to realize when this is happening, and knowing the path out of it.

A lot of people get into business because they like the idea of business, but their way of being isn’t as the business owner, but rather the employee. They believe the way to succeed is to work longer, and harder, which will eventually lead to more money.

Phoebe recommends staying in your own power and truth, and to do what feels right, instead of just being busy and always hustling.

James says the 5% of activities that are going to yield 95% of your results are the scariest things to do, but they can also be the lightest and easiest if you choose so.

The chance of rejection is what makes things scary to do. You can flip this around and seek as many opportunities for rejection as possible, because on the other side of rejection you’ll see more results and what you’re after.

The chance of failure is what makes life exhilarating in the first place and taking more opportunities can only guarantee more success.

There are two roles you could fall into: intern and architect. The intern is working inside the business and doing everything his or herself. The architect is building a true machine with systems and working on the business, instead of inside of it.

Transitioning from intern to architect doesn’t happen overnight, but you can start at the level you’re at right now!

3 simple steps to take you from intern to architect of your company

1. Identify where you’re at now in your current role

Be honest when assessing where you’re at right now. To do this, you can take the quiz (see link at the bottom of this post, it’ll only take a few minutes)!

2. Look at what you do and define the low-value, and high-value activities

 There are several different ways to do this but you need to distinguish what activities are having the most impact on your business, and which do not.

For Phoebe, setting up Facebook ads is a low-value activity, but creating the content behind the ad is high-value. To James, creating the content for his podcast is one example of a high-value activity that he needs to do himself at this time.

One distinction to be made is that functions like customer support, although high-value and important to your business, don’t have to be done by you and is something that your team could handle.

3. Let go of low-value activities

Create a process and procedures that will allow someone else to take over these tasks. You’ll find that creating these processes and procedures actually becomes high-value in itself.

Take these steps today and begin to look at your business through the lens of the architect, not intern. Doing this will move you in the right direction to working less, and making more!

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