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All entrepreneurs want to know the secret to success. James Wedmore, a seven-figure online entrepreneur, believes success is created by mindset over strategy, magic over metrics, and attitude over action. In this podcast, James untangles the common misconception that hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful.
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Jun 22, 2018

In this special bonus episode I’m sharing another case study of a business owner who’s business has exploded! Today’s guest took her offline business online, and in the process, grew it 522%.

Dr Shannon Irvine is the founder of Mosaic Vision, a non profit that serves AIDS orphans in rural Uganda Africa. The mission of Mosaic Vision is to restore the lives of AIDS orphans. Dr Irvine is also a Phd in Psychology with an emphasis in neuro-psychology and neuro-plasticity. She uses her credentials to help the orphans in Uganda thrive. Dr Irvine is also a business mentor who loves helping others master their thoughts, habits, emotions, and schedules to live the life and business that honors God and their priorities.

Not only has her rapid growth surprised her, but it also completely changed her view of what a business can be, as you’ll hear all about in this episode.

If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories and tag me, @jameswedmore!

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In the episode you’ll learn:

  • How Dr. Irvine has been able to help other business owners using her own personal experiences
  • The way she realized she getting caught up in “doing more” wasn’t the way to grow her business
  • What led her to join Business by Design and how it’s benefited her business
  • The process she used for her beta launch and the results she achieved with it
  • What really inspired Dr. Irvine to move into a model using leveraged content
  • The fears and stories she had to get through in order to move her business online
  • Some resistance that I’m still facing in my business….

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Jun 18, 2018

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “who am I to be doing this?” On today’s episode I’ll be talking about a concept that’s been on my mind, called “The Authority Deception” and the mindset shifts you can take to realize that you are enough to be an authority in your field.


If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories and tag me, @jameswedmore!

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In the episode you’ll learn:

  • Who this episode is dedicated to, and why
  • Why an online business can be easy to start, but so challenging to operate and grow
  • How everyone is unique but no one is better than another person
  • Why you need a strong commitment to helping others
  • One of the most valuable things you can offer a client if you want to help that person

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Jun 15, 2018

In this special bonus edition I’m sharing a powerful case study that will show you how you can launch your profitable business – without an email list. To kick off this new segment of the podcast, I’m showcasing the story of one of the members of our BBD community, Serena Ryan. 

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 In the episode you’ll learn:

  • How attending BBD live unexpectedly led to Serena creating her own membership site
  • The stories she was telling herself that were holding her back
  • A big decision that Serena made – and how she ended up doing it
  • Some challenges and doubts she encountered leading up to her very first webinar (and why she almost cancelled it)
  • Where Serena is at now versus before attending BBD, and why she feels anything is possible to do for her now
  • What advice she’d give her former self and the true power of mentorship

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Jun 13, 2018

How do you know if you’re on the right track? Today I’m answering another Listener Question of the Week and I’ll be answering this very question, which a lot of listeners may be asking themselves.

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If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories and tag me, @jameswedmore!

In the episode you’ll learn:

  • How to start choosing your future intentionally and powerfully
  • What “reality” is and why being blind to it is one of the best things we can do
  • You aren’t truly in alignment if you’re doing this…
  • Money is everywhere – here’s what you need to do

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Jun 11, 2018

I’ve got a special guest with me for today’s show, as my wife Chelsea is back on the podcast and we’re talking all about the problems faced in business. The title of this episode may be a bit misleading though. What we’re sharing isn’t really about solving problems, but rather about changing your mindset around what a problem is – and isn’t. As you’ll hear, what you have been calling a “problem” may actually be something completely different!


If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories and tag me, @jameswedmore!

In the episode you’ll learn:

  • What motivated us to record this episode at this time
  • How to approach your problems
  • The role our challenges have played in getting us to where we are today
  • Why I get excited when facing a problem
  • How working in the business together as a team has been so rewarding, and examples of how we’ve elevated each other over our problems


Jun 4, 2018

Today’s episode was inspired by a recent Instagram post I shared, in which I stated that money doesn’t come from effort. I’ve got to admit, this post got a little bit controversial, and there was a lot of discussion around the statement. Today you’re going to hear where money really comes from!

If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories and tag me, @jameswedmore! 

In the episode you’ll learn:

  • How most people are operating when it comes to money
  • Where most people think money comes from…
  • How the thought that money is linked to effort is ingrained in us at an early age
  • The true consequences of holding on to our beliefs about money
  • Where money really comes from
May 30, 2018

Ever wonder what it would take to make a quantum leap in your business? In this episode I’m going to share what it will take, and show you exactly what you need to do this!

In the episode you’ll learn:

  • What inspired me to do this episode and talk about this topic
  • What’s limiting you when it comes to where you want to go
  • How to make a “quantum leap” and when it will be possible for you
  • A powerful exercise to get you started…
  • Why a business model using finite resources, like time, is a broken one

  • The moment when you will be truly free to go anywhere you want
May 28, 2018

Today I’m speaking to some of the industry’s leading experts about what their beliefs in business are all about – and you’re not going to want to miss what they have to say!

In the episode you’ll learn:

  • Why I asked these friends about their beliefs in business
  • What you can do if your view of business isn’t working
  • How our emotions and the stories we tell ourselves come into play
  • The ways you can start telling yourself a new story – today!

  • The personal stories about success from some of today’s top experts
May 23, 2018

In this special Wednesday bonus episode, I’m continuing my conversation with Theresa Loe on all the struggles I had to build the business that I’ve created!

In the episode you’ll learn:

  • What I thought was holding me back (but what I know now it really was)
  • What a fear of being judged was really saying about me
  • How I started to let go of a fear of being judged
  • The way I let go of my old self and tripled revenue in my first 7-figure year
  • How I grow personally and why it’s more like a marathon instead of a sprint
  • There is no such thing as a problem…
  • The role that being coached has played in my growth
  • Why our internal state needs to be protected at all times, what advice my future self would give me and much more!
May 21, 2018

This episode is a special one, and it’s a little bit different. I’m being interviewed by Theresa Loe, a Business By Design student and host of the Living Homegrown Podcast, about my origin story. If you’re a regular listener of the podcast you may have heard bits and pieces of how I started in business and got to where I am today, but in Part 1 of this two-part series we really go deep about the low points, struggles, setbacks and breakthroughs that I’ve experienced along the way. There’s a lot here that I’ve never shared publicly, and I hope you find value in my story that can help you in your own journey!

In the episode you’ll learn:

  • My earliest entrepreneurial ventures and the money story I was told growing up
  • The powerful lesson that taught me about profit and how I really learned how to bargain
  • How I first ventured into the online marketing world and learned marketing, SEO, and so much more…
  • A painful experience and “mistake” that became the best thing that ever happened to me
  • The way spirituality was introduced to my life and developed over the years to influence everything I do
May 16, 2018

There’s a paradox that exists in the online marketing space, and in today’s short and sweet bonus episode I’m going to share it with you!

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In the episode you’ll learn:

  • Why people really buy from you – and how this can differ from why you started your online business in the first place

  • The significant shift I’ve noticed in the last 10 years online…
  • Why the paradox I’m talking about here is a good thing
  • What is “scaled connection” and how you can create it
  • Examples from our business of how we create scaled connection with our audience and the role your team will play
May 14, 2018

In this episode I’ll be starting a conversation with you about this idea that I feel is keeping entrepreneurs stuck. How can you begin to step into the role of the Digital CEO and think, act and behave like the business owner that you need to be to create the actual business that you want?

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why what you learned in school will keep you BROKE!
  • How your view of your business will determine what’s possible for you
  • The 3-step process that directly attributed to the huge growth of IBM (and how it can apply to your business)
  • 6 of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs are making that are sabotaging their growth and success

  • And a lot more!
May 7, 2018

Today I’m joined by my good friend Carrie Green, the founder and creator of Female Entrepreneur Association. Carrie is also the author of She Means Business , a TEDx speaker and so much more! You’ll hear all about Carrie’s incredible journey to where she is today, and how she’s used one tool to bring this amazing success into her life – visualization.

Are you ready for the Rise of the Digital CEO? Be the first in line for my free business-transforming series that will finally show you what it REALLY takes to scale your digital business to 7-figures and beyond! You can sign-up for the waitlist at!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How grasping the power of your mind will literally change your life

  • What is the “bell jar” concept and how you can start using it 
  • Where Carrie’s desire to create a community for women came from

  • How we can get over the “Who am I to do this?” question
  • The ways you can implement visualization and what to do if it you find it isn’t working for you

  • Why Carrie always honors the process as an entrepreneur and what this means to her
Apr 30, 2018

Today we’re sharing with you a 3-step process for manifesting ANYTHING in your life, with guest expert Kathrin Zenkina. Kathrin is the creator behind the booming personal development and coaching brand, Manifestation Babe, and she’s going to tell us how manifestation puts magic in our businesses! Are you ready to invite miracles into your life, and what would you do differently if you knew (without a doubt) that your success was inevitable?

In this episode you’ll learn:  

  • How Kathrin got started with manifesting, and the one book that changed everything for her
  • The dark times she experienced in 2016 and how a year long experiment with manifestation led to the amazing success she’s achieved
  • The belief system that Kathrin created for herself and the universal laws that play into manifestation
  • Examples of times she’s manifested what she wants in her life
  • Kathrin’s 3 steps to follow and the #1 mistake that people make when it comes to manifestation
  • What she does when she starts to feel doubt or worry
  • Why you need to be in a relationship with your money
Apr 24, 2018

On today’s special bonus episode I’m talking with Eben Pagan about how to create, and recognize opportunity. You’re going to here why this is so important and as Eben says, something that we all must absolutely make a study of. Not only do we discuss opportunity today, but we cover so much more in this one in terms of business, relationships and creating the life we really want to live.


Eben Pagan is an entrepreneur and investor who has built over ten different online brands and businesses to the million dollar level. His businesses are all 100% virtual, with no office – and he’s been doing this for over 15 years now! Eben and his family spend more than six months per year traveling, and living the “virtual lifestyle.”

To celebrate the launch of his new book, OPPORTUNITY, Eben is doing his launch right now, and he will send you a copy of this book for free - you just cover shipping and handling. He also has a special bonus package that includes live training, downloads and other goodies worth $197, that you get as a gift when you order the book. As part of it, you get to join Eben for a special workshop: “The Best Opportunities Of 2018” where you’ll learn about important business, investing, and learning opportunities that are coming over the horizon. Hurry, this offer is good only until Thursday, April 26th, 2018!

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If you only read one new book this year, make sure that this is it! Order it now, and learn how to find and create a lot more opportunity in your life.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Eben titled his new book “Opportunity” and what inspired him to write it
  • His thoughts on goal setting and how it relates to creating opportunities
  • How to open yourself up to new opportunities
  • The formative experience that taught him that he could literally change his circumstances
  • What his reference points for success are today and how the metrics he uses for success has changed over the years
  • Ways you can recognize opportunities that align with your values and lifestyle, and some patterns around that he’s noticed

  • What his new book is all about – and what you can expect to get from it
Apr 23, 2018

If you don’t like looking at your bank account, or get a queasy feeling every time you use your credit card, this episode is for you! I’m joined by expert guest and founder of, Belinda Rosenblum, who is helping thousands of people discover how “owning your money” creates certainty, security, and the life of financial independence they deserve. Today’s show isn’t about funnels or hacks to solve the issues around your finances, it’s about going to the actual source – the stories we’ve been telling ourselves about money.

Check out Belinda’s free training at and get on the waitlist for my upcoming video training workshop at!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Belinda’s own origin story and show she was able to overcome her past experiences with money to help others
  • The 3-step process to rewriting your money story that you can start doing today
  • The connection that exists between our own money stories and our conclusions about success
  • A rule I made for myself when considering a purchase and the one phrase that Belinda wants us to take out of our vocabulary when it comes to money
  • Why forgiveness is needed…
  • and much more!
Apr 16, 2018

Are you struggling with time, and finding it difficult to get more done? If we as entrepreneurs were to take an honest assessment of our lives, chances are that everyone listening would say they have challenges around time. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. What I’ll be talking about in this episode will allow you to shift and transform your relationship with time!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Where overwhelm really comes from
  • What it means to have a relationship with time (and what listeners of this podcast are saying about time)
  • How your own story about time may be benefiting you and why you need to change this story
  • Ways you can tell when you’re not taking full responsibility in your own life
  • What the consequences are for telling yourself a certain story about your relationship with time


Apr 9, 2018

Intuition is a topic I’ve talked about often on this podcast, because it’s something that you need to use in order to make effective decisions as an entrepreneur. Not only will you make better decisions by using your intuition, but you will be more confident in the decisions you make - and do it with less stress. Today’s guest is intuitive healer and psychic business coach Emily Aarons, and she’s going to go deeper in explaining just why intuition is so critical, and how you can really develop and flex this muscle.

 Emily supports her clients on their healing journey by clearing and releasing blocks from their energy systems, as well as from all lifetimes, using the Akashic records so they can step fully into their power as entrepreneurs. Formally trained in Polarity Therapy, Emily has been clearing energy for nearly two decades. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Business Management from Salem State University. Combining her abilities as a healer with her love of business allows her to mentor and teach others how to run powerfully profitable businesses. Emily’s body of work includes guided meditations, a flourishing Facebook group called Life Made Simple, self-paced online intuition and business classes, in-person live events, 1:1 sessions, and an exclusive 12-month mentorship.

You can get Emily’s free guided mediation by visiting!

Apr 2, 2018

What’s the quickest way to go from being a 7-figure to an 8-figure business? I’m answering this question today, because no matter where you’re at, there’s always another level you’ll want to get to. So listen closely as I give you the roadmap!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • True knowledge can only come from this…
  • What I’m doing to get to 8-figures in my own business

  • Why you need to have a very clear blueprint of what you’re working towards

  • The important role of your vision and the team that will be required to get there 
  • What can happen when you know your numbers – inside out


Mar 28, 2018

I’ve got another bonus episode for you, and in this one I’m answer a listener questioner of the week. Today I’m sharing my thoughts on how you, as entrepreneur, can schedule “me time” – and how to be truly present while you’re doing it!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The rest is in the work!
  • The first step you’ll need to take in all of this
  • What really happens to our creativity and productivity when we work too much
  • How important rest is to your entire life
  • There’s no one right way to rest and work – find your own balance!
Mar 26, 2018

Do you have a fear of being judged by others? If so, you’re not alone because everyone has this fear! On today’s episode, I’ll be talking about why this fear is the #1 thing that is holding you back right now, and how you can reframe your thinking to change it!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What your mind is constantly trying to do to you…
  • Why I want you to accept that you have a fear of being judged
  • How understanding these concepts unleashed me and tripled my revenue in one year alone!
  • What you have in common with the people that are judging you
  • It’s all a choice!

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Mar 19, 2018

On today’s episode I’m answering a question from a listener about how we can raise and maintain our vibration throughout the day. This is probably the most important conversation we’ve had out of all the podcast episodes, because it really is our number one priority in life to feel good, be happy and help others.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to tell where you are tuned into at any moment
  • Why releasing negative emotions is so beneficial, but there’s something else we have to do too…
  • The role that our thoughts play in determining our emotions, and how this results in the stories we tell ourselves
  • What I do to raise my own frequency, and what I try not to do
  • How to start letting go!

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Mar 15, 2018

On today’s bonus episode, I’m talking to the membership guru himself, Stu McLaren! I recently asked my listeners on an Instagram Story what questions they’d like to ask Stu, and you’ll hear his answers here. Stu will be sharing his expertise on how you can start, launch and grow you very own, profitable digital membership!

Check out Stu's free TRIBE Workshop on March 15th at


Mar 12, 2018

For today’s episode I don’t have steps or formulas for you to follow, but it’s just a conversation that I was inspired to share with you. I’m going to giving you the secret to having a rich life, and as you’ll hear, “rich” means so much more than just having money! 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why I originally rejected the idea that I’m talking to you about today
  • The amazing things that I’m grateful for in my own life, and how I’ve manifested them
  • Gratitude is a frequency of receiving, with no feeling of wanting or lack
  • What conclusion I came to about my life and a special invitation I have for you today
Mar 5, 2018

My whole life is about what is possible, which is why I’m so very excited to be bringing you this episode with special guest, Shelli Varela. Shelli is a trailblazer and pioneer in the hyper-competitive world of firefighting and for over two decades she has been blazing trails, both literally and figuratively! She’s an author, TEDx speaker, podcast host, and so much more. After listening to today’s episode, you’ll really be thinking about what’s possible in your own life!  

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Shelli’s amazing backstory and the role her imagination has played throughout her life
  • The lesson she learned about labels and the three words that literally changed her life
  • What really happens when you lead with logic – and what to do instead
  • What is an “inner story” and her tips for how you can uncovering your own
  • The big realization Shelli had around fear
  • Her 5 pillars of hacking possibility
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